Let's Keep It Pushing In 2019!!!

Let's Keep It Pushing In 2019!!!

Just like that, 2018 is now a thing of the past... And, just like everyone else, I had the opportunity to reflect over the past year. 

I learned a few things in 2018 and I wanted to share them with you. These things are a keeper and what I will be taking in to 2019-

  1. Your village matters. As I grow older and the longer I continue to run Esscents of Flowers, I am constantly reminded that the people I surround myself with can assist in determining my altitude whether it's directly or indirectly.  I have been blessed to have people in my corner that I know I can call upon for honest feedback, advisement, someone to act as a sounding board or someone I can depend upon for a good laugh/escape. Their support and belief in me is critical to the success. Successful people surround themselves with like-minded people. We aren't just talking monetary either. I want to continue to surround myself with those that are rich in spirit, love, hope, peace and so on. 

  2. Having the proper business advisement. There’s no way I could’ve experienced the success I experienced in 2018 without the guidance of my business mentor and the circle of talented entrepreneurs that came along with that relationship. If I would have listened to others along this journey, I would have stopped the flower business shortly after I started and explored graphic design...True story, the same person that told me go into graphic design is the same person that told me to forget the flower business all together because no one buys flowers anymore (insert a prolonged side-eye). The support of Uptima Business Bootcamp and The Runway Project has been a blessing to me. I am held accountable to the things I want to do and, more importantly, the things I push off for various reasons ;) They keep me holding on to the vision. 

  3. Evolution is key. Look at things from a different point of view. I am not one to watch reality TV. Honestly, it’s hard for me to get into TV period. But, I remember walking down the street with another business owner and she asked if I watched the Real Housewives of…(insert any city). She told me, don’t watch them for the dramatics, watch them with a business mindset. You see, a lot of the women on these shows had successful businesses prior to the shows. Listen for the businesses, look them up, what did they do to be so successful, who do they associate with, allow yourself to gain insight and explore new ideas. While this conversation lasted all of 10-15 minutes max, it was one full of insight. So, guess what I'll be doing in 2019 ;)

  4. Self Care. I sucked at this for a majority of 2018. In the first quarter of the year, I ran the Brooklyn Half. It was one of the hardest things I've done from a  physical standpoint, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. My village surrounded me with a ton of love and support. But, as the business picked up in the latter part of the year, I stopped working out. I was no longer focused on making sure I was healthy for my benefit and for those around me. As long as I was fulfilling the orders for events on a constant basis, that’s all that mattered. That mindset definitely caught up to me, just recently as a matter of fact. I realized that as I neglected my health, it became easier to slip into old habits that I worked so hard to break. So, while I am not perfect and I refuse to fall into the trap of denying myself a nice cut of prosciutto and cheese, I will commit to checking in with myself more in 2019. I commit to returning back to an active lifestyle. I owe this to myself.

  5. Stop operating in fear and operate in my purpose. I can be really good sometimes and know that I am all that and several bags of chips and the very next minute I will operate in the “Imposter Syndrome.” To know that I am good enough is enough! We are all good enough. As I heard on one of my favorite podcasts, “Start showing up to every room as your best self. Who are you to withhold yourself from others? Be authentic, be bold.”

While I am sure the list can go on, I think I am going to stick with these. 2018 was a great teacher, but I am excited for 2019! I am excited to make new mistakes, connect with more people, gain multiple contracts and obtain more weddings and conferences than years passed.

Cheers to you and may your 2019 bring you much joy, love and peace!

Esscents of Flowers, Ariana Marbley

Esscents of Flowers Maintaining Mental Health

Esscents of Flowers Maintaining Mental Health