Esscents of Flowers Turns 1!

Esscents of Flowers Turns 1!


That’s right!!! It has been one year since the decision was made to bring Esscents of Flowers to life. So much has happened and I am so grateful you have decided to remain on this journey with me!

In honor of us celebrating our first year of business, let’s do something bit different. Every month, I am busy telling you about how Esscents of Flowers has grown. This month, I would like to hear from you! I would like to hear your story as it relates to flowers.  What kind of memory do flowers strike up for you? What’s that feeling that occurs every time you see a specific flower? 

Let me give you a bit of background on how this came about…

In the last module, (Module 4) for Uptima Business Bootcamp, you are required to practice your pitch prior to the start of class. The pitch has to match the setting given by the instructor. So, it could range from being at a networking event to requesting money from lenders. The pitch time also differs from week to week. You could have thirty seconds up to a minute and a half… You just never know what’s going to be thrown your way until you walk through those doors and find your place. 

*A little sidebar, if you’ve been following the newsletter, you know this activity makes my stomach turn flips. I’m not that big of a fan of this necessary evil. I get nervous and all these things start running through my head - “Am I saying the right thing? Ohhh no…I just lost my train of thought! Welp… I bombed that.” *

I probably just over exaggerated, but that’s what I’m feeling at the moment, so that’s what we’re sticking to :)…

 Okay, back to the story. This past Thursday, the guidelines for our pitch had to follow this format-

  • A minute and a half
  • Can not ask for money

Once it was my turn, I walked up to the front, slow and steady. Got my breathing under control and started talking. It was probably one of my best pitches to date! I didn't rehearse or try to memorize my pitch. I believe this helped in my delivery and lack of nerves. Along with that, having a minute and a half allows you time to get all your points across without feeling rushed. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still some gaps. But, the objectives were met and I was over the moon with the outcome!

After the pitch, the floor is open for your colleagues to give feedback. Something that came out of the feedback session was that it would be great if I could could somehow obtain short, written stories, asking different people about their connection to flowers. The conversation thenevolved in to this very moment, you reading this newsletter and me asking you to submit your story!  What's your connection to flowers? What about them make you smile? 

I know, you’re asking yourself, “What is she going to do with these stories?” Well, I would love to have a customer corner in my newsletter, or something to that effect. I would love to feature these stories, different customer interactions, reviews and more in a section of the newsletter. So, submit your story and who knows, you may be featured in an Esscents of Flowers monthly newsletter!!!

See you next month!

Love and peace,

Ariana Marbley, Esscents of Flowers

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