Hey 2017!

Hey 2017!

So much has occurred since my last communication. From an election (cough) that still has people scratching their heads to holiday celebrations where you hopefully had the opportunity to exhale and spend time with those that hold a special place in your heart. I’m not one to have new year resolutions, but I wanted to step out a little bit and try something new. This year is about tackling fears, saying and doing the things that cause me to pause because of my fear of the outcome. It’s amazing how much an once of fear can stop you in your tracks, even if it’s the fear of success. With that being said, here are a couple things that I have decided to do in effort to grow Esscents in this new year.

Ansanelli Productions are responsible for Jack of All Trades Market and Treasure Island Flea. These two productions are held in the Bay Area and are markets where you can go to shop for locally made items. In order to become a part of the Ansanelli family, you must fill out an application for acceptance. The thought of rejection gave me a reason to hit the pause button. But, with the encouragement of my younger sister (I’ll give her some credit) and after spending a day at Treasure Island Flea, I went home that day to fill out an application. Within that same week, I got the acceptance letter! YES! First hurdle crossed!! I then reeled in my excitement because getting accepted was just the first step, I had to actually pay for a booth. This meant commitment. Year of tackling fears, right?….Okay.

New Year’s Day, while sitting around the table with my family, I purchased a booth!!!! A whole, entire booth along with other beautiful creators :) On March 25th an March 26th, please come see me at Treasure Island Flea! I have a booth design specifically for these events that I'm beyond excited to show it off. I plan to have these two events (Treasure Island Flea and Jack of All Trades) as part of my regular pop-ups throughout the year as weather permits. In order to stay on top of where I will be, please be sure to check the website regularly. 

My plan was for Esscents to remain small, operating under a sole proprietorship. This was part of my 2-year plan :) I wasn’t planning on starting Esscents of Flowers for another couple years, but we all see how that worked out. After creating Esscents for what will be a full year in February and turning it into a profitable business, I will be moving it under a LLC. This is a huge move for any small business and it carries a hefty annual fee… Whoooo, there goes that word commitment again.

Lastly, in the event you didn’t know, along with operating Esscents of Flowers, I am also a wife, mother of two beautiful little boys and have a full-time job. My greatest fear of all is missing out on events with friends & family, missing baseball games, school events and more. Late 2016, I was beginning to get lost in my thoughts, telling myself that I wasn’t doing enough and that ultimately resulted in thoughts of inadequacy. I was tired, mentally and physically. Thankfully, I took some time off of work and was able to spend quality time with all my boys to re-evaluate everything. Naps helped with this :) After some journaling and rest, I was able to arrive at this conclusion - What I am doing, creating a business and taking the steps to go after my dreams are not just for me, it’s for them too. My two little boys are witnessing entrepreneurship. They see that it is absolutely possible to own your own business. I see that as a gift in itself. I want them to go for what they want in life as I’m sure a lot of parents want the same for their children as well. While it takes hard work and sacrifice, they see success. 

That was a lot, sorry for the rambling. Thanks for riding with me through this journey. Here’s to a new year, a year of tackling fears! 

Don't forget to check the website regularly for where Esscents of Flowers will be popping up. Also, follow me on social media - Facebook and Instagram!

Love and peace,

Ariana Marbley, Esscents of Flowers

Esscents of Flowers Turns 1!

Esscents of Flowers Turns 1!

Time is Flying By...