July Newsletter

July Newsletter


As always, I like to greet you with the growth of the business, so let's jump right into it! The Esscents of Flowers business plan is still coming along and...yeah, I’ll leave it there. If you read my last newsletter, you got a pretty good glimpse into how that is coming along for me. If you have not read my last newsletter, YOU ARE MISSING OUT… Go read it at  https://esscentsofflowers.com and then come back. Don’t worry, I’ll wait :)

I’ve updated the website a bit, the latest addition was an “Event Inquiry Form.” Stating that, leads me to my next bit of amazing news - I have been acting as a vendor for events and I currently have a couple events scheduled in the near future... like within the next week!!!! Ahhhhh!!! It’s such a beautiful thing to know this is absolutely happening.

Esscents of Flowers kicked off its pilot job training program as of Saturday, June 09, 2016. In doing this, I am able to tackle a couple of things -

  1. Write this portion of the business plan effectively, having the ability to pull from experience

  2. See what I need to do when I officially implement the job training program

Providing on the job training while operating the pop-up shop was a moment of growth for me just as it was for the young lady receiving the training. Communication was key and vital to the successful execution of each sale, especially during the busy moments. Luckily, I didn’t scare Ms. Za’Ryah Woods off too much as she will be back this coming Saturday, July 23rd! Being in that moment allowed me to once again recognize the importance of the mission behind Esscents of Flowers. We are focusing on building a better tomorrow and a major part of that is investing in our youth.  

Esscents of Flowers finally has an official logo (scroll up)!!! There was a little back and forth with the graphic designer after I asked for feedback via Facebook groups and close friends. After a couple rounds, I made the decision based on popular demand and it felt good. Check it out on my Facebook and Instagram page. I plan on implementing it into the website someway pretty soon.

So, I have been having conversations about the future plans of Esscents of Flowers. I am proud to announce that the next major step in the business is to purchase a truck so I can pop-up anywhere within Oakland! That’s right, Esscents is going mobile! The truck will look very similar to a food vendor truck, only it will be equipped with the necessary items to distribute fresh flowers. Exciting right!!! Please be on the lookout as I will be looking to start my kickstarter campaign by the end of this year into early 2017.

Whewww, okay. I think all this will most definitely hold you over until next month. If you so happen to need an extra dose of Esscents of Flowers, please come see me in the Oakland Laurel District this Saturday, from 8am - 2pm.


Until next time :)

Love and peace,

Ariana Marbley, Esscents of Flowers

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