Esscents of Flowers June Monthly Newsletter

There’s been a considerable amount of growth with Esscents of Flowers. From updating the website to preparing a business plan and everything in between, like coming up with a thirty second elevator pitch. A lot, right? Let’s start dissecting each of the items I just mentioned. Ready???


Understanding what content to put on the website to make the visitor want to stay can be challenging. As the developer, you have an idea of what information you want to display, but that may not necessarily be what the viewer may want to see. I really had to nail down the important details of what I believed was important for my future clients to see. When coming to Esscents of Flowers website, seeing photos of flower arrangements is important and should be a given. I also want for the viewer to see the reason behind Esscents of Flowers, the Mission and Vision are the real reasons I took this leap. Esscents is so much bigger than I. It’s about bringing beauty into the community, creating and nurturing my relationship with my clients and providing mentorship and basic job skills to young ladies which will equip them with the tools needed to successfully propel them to the next phase of their lives. If I can get this through to the viewer, then I have successfully completed the task!


Coming up with an elevator pitch was…. a flop. It’s okay, I can laugh about it now! While sitting in my business accelerator class. **I’ll go ahead and give a quick plug for Uptima Business Bootcamp here. If you are sitting on an idea and would like to launch it into a business, do yourself a favor and act on that instinct. Through Uptima, you have the opportunity to network with so many wonderful individuals who are also exploring and acting on turning their idea into a business. Invest in yourself.** I’ll resume :) That particular night, we had to develop an elevator pitch and present it to the class without reading what we wrote down. I failed, to say the least bit. The only reason I am laughing about it now, is because I took my feedback to heart and also watched my colleagues go through their pitch. I went home and worked on my elevator pitch that night until I got it right. So, the next time you see me, please ask me about my elevator pitch. Constructive feedback is always appreciated!


Business plans, business plans, business plans… Where do I begin? Without giving you the long story, I’ll just say I am truly being challenged here. There have been multiple nights where it’s just me, my computer and my lamp stand while everyone else in the house is counting sheep. Coming up with the true details of every aspect of the business is a big challenge for me as listing every component isn’t my strongest suit. I’m more of a “Big Picture Thinker” than a “Detail Oriented” individual. I see the idea as fully functioning and frequently fail to go back and pencil in the details that it would take to make that idea successful. For example, in the Products and Services section, I would list a job training program offered to young ladies as a service Esscents of Flowers is providing. When in actuality, I need to list the specific components of that job training program. What does it look like? Is it measurable? Who is it benefitting directly and indirectly? While I am almost to the point of pulling my hair out, I understand the reason to be so detailed. I need to know exactly what I'm offering and why, I also need to be able to articulate that to others.


So, at the beginning, when I told you Esscents of Flowers has been experiencing a steep learning curve, this is what I was talking about. I really hope that wasn’t too overwhelming, but I want to bring you in on this journey with me. Stay tuned, I can’t wait to tell you about how I plan to move Esscents of Flowers into the next phase. It’s going to be so exciting, I promise!!!

Until next time :)

Love and peace,

Ariana Marbley, Esscents of Flowers

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July Newsletter

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