What's Going On With Esscents of Flowers?

Esscents of Flowers has quickly been blossoming as a business! A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to identify customer segments, talk with potential customers and truly develop a business centered around the needs of the community and those that reside in within.  It was nerve-wrecking approaching this part of the business development phase. Having to be completely open and vulnerable about a passion you hold in your deepest inner being and allowing people, sometimes unknown, to give feedback can be scary... by the way, "scary" is such an understatement. I already had it in my head that my idea(s) was going to tank and not favor well in the community. I was experiencing a mini-episode of self-doubt.   
BUT... I have to tell you, after my first interview, I felt like a pro! Businesses, residents and everyone in between either offered some exceptional feedback that either caused me to pause and rework some ideas and/or my ideas were embraced as is. I was walking on cloud nine because of the value talking to people offered! 

Going through with this exercise allowed two things to happen:

1. Esscents of Flowers became stronger. The business was able to be further developed around the needs of the community. 
2. Sharing my business plan with complete strangers and asking for feedback MADE me grow exponentially.

Needless to say, this train is still rolling down the tracks. I'm now scheduling pop-up shops in the Laurel District in effort to start getting the business' name out there. Please check my website -  www.esscentsofflowers.com to search for upcoming dates and events.

Thanks for all your continued support and feedback. Looking forward to seeing you in the Laurel!

Love and peace,

Ariana Marbley, Esscents of Flowers


Buckle Up - It's Going To Be An Exciting Ride!