It's been a full month since you've last learned about the latest with Esscents of Flowers and so much has happened! Above everything else, Esscents of Flowers had it's first pop-up shop in Oakland's Laurel District!!! YES! A pop-up shop!!! Can you believe it?! The entire experience was surreal, Esscents of Flowers is officially a business and not just a concept. 
Going into the day was a bit nerve wrecking as you never know how your idea will be received. I had a mix of butterflies and shivers from the morning dew, but I continued... I set up my flower stand, preparation table and arranged the flowers accordingly to be sold. My first customer came and wanted 2 arrangements! 2, right off the bat!!! While arranging, I was able to engage in conversation and it was beautiful. What I envisioned, me becoming one with the community while providing a service, was beginning to materialize. With each passing customer, I was able to experience something similar. There was a true connection being established and my heart had a permanent smile :)

The next week, a group of us had to provide our MVP's during demo night for our business accelerator program, Uptima Business Bootcamp. Several business owners that recently gone through the program attended for the sole purpose of providing constructive feedback. One person in particular made a comment that will forever stay with me and I'll share it with you because it was that powerful. She said, " No matter what happens, you can't undo what you've done. Taking the first step is huge." I'll just let that sink in...

You see, I understand I am still in the beginning stages, but so much has happened just to get to this point. Establishing a business is no small feat. It takes persistence, drive and an unlimited amount of faith. I'm amazed at the process, yet so excited for the future.  

Please take a minute to visit my website, www.esscentsofflowers.com, to stay up to date with the latest pop-up information and more. You can also contact me via email at info@esscentsofflowers.com

Love and peace,

Ariana Marbley, Esscents of Flowers

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